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Miniature Circuit Breaker
The Miniature circuit breakers are made to automatically switch off the electrical circuit. These can work in several abnormal conditions as well as faulty condition. The said products allow for superior functionality and high durability.
RCB And Isolators
RCB & Isolators are functional in several power system, as the automatically-operated device. These can work without any interruption and ensure the protection of wires from the damage as well as electric shock.
MCCB LS Series
The MCCB allows for great performance and have highest breaking capacity. They have optimum coordination technique and work with reliance. These superior quality products have long lifespan.
MCB Type Changeover Switches
The MCB type changeover switch has been made to transfer the electricity from the commercial power web to a local generator. This is functional as a transfer switch, suited for commercial power supply.
The Led Cob lights are the multi-chip packaged lights, which allow for increased lumen output. These are apt to work with a single circuit and have the efficiency to work with multiple diode chips.
LED Concealed Light
The LED Concealed Lights are used for restaurants, homes, resorts and hotels. They have high illuminating capacity and boast of extended service life. Commonly, these are suited for different lighting functions.
LED Flood Light
LED floodlights we offer are the high-intensity lights, made to illuminate several outdoor areas. They are used in playing fields as well as during the outdoor functions of good amount of lighting.
LED Panel Light
The LED panel light can be used as the excellent quality light fixtures as well as spotlight fixtures. Offered are the great substitutes for halogen fixtures. In addition, the service life of the offered solutions is quite lengthy and appreciable.
Socket And AC Box
The Socket Ac boxes are applicable with many power plugs and sockets. These allow for simple connection to electric equipment. They have different current rating, precise shape and compact size.

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